What My Parents Thought About Sending Me Abroad

Hi friends! I’m pretty excited to share this piece of news with everyone. This month, I will officially begin my first semester of the SIM – University at Buffalo Bachelor of Arts (International Trade and Psychology) programme. I’ve been on a short break since graduating from SIM Diploma in International Business early this year but as you can tell, I’m already all geared up for the upcoming semester.

Life at SIM has been fun and I’ve been making new friends from various nationalities in SIM. One of them is meeting Su and her parents, from Myanmar! Su and I got to talking about how our parents had to send us abroad and since her parents are here in Singapore, I have decided to take this opportunity to interview them and share their stories with you!

First of all, let me introduce you to Su!

Su (in the middle) & her lovely parents

She was only 10 when she came to Singapore to study in a local primary and secondary school. However, it was only in Secondary 3 that she knew that she wanted to continue her higher education here. How did she find out about SIM you may ask? Well, she chanced upon an SIM Open House advertisement while scrolling through her social media feed and when she headed down to SIM to learn about the variety of programmes offered and the pathways to complete her diploma and bachelors’ degree in a shorter duration as compared to studying in the UK or US, she was sold. The rest, as they say, is history.

Whenever Su and I talked about how we started our education journey here in Singapore, it all draws back to our parents. Now that I look back on those early days, it was probably hard on my parents who had to decide if they should send me to study abroad. Many of my friends and their parents have asked me how they feel about it. Now that Su’s parents are here, I thought the best way to answer them was to turn those questions to them. Here’s what they shared with me, and I hope it will help other parents understand the benefits of studying abroad!

Me: Why did you choose to send Su to study in Singapore?
Su’s parents: Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world and it’s near to Myanmar. This was one of the most important deciding factors for us as we wouldn’t need to worry about her safety, even when she is travelling alone. The country’s world renowned education system is also another important reason. We hope that an education in Singapore would open up more career opportunities and options for Su – be it here, back in Myanmar, or even other parts of the world.

Me: What other factors did you consider?
Su’s parents: Cost of course. Getting an education in Singapore can get expensive. But seeing how happy Su is here makes us happy as well. Besides being safe and convenient to get around, Singapore also has a highly affordable transport system and finding a suitable accommodation in Singapore is also very easy.

Me: What makes you think you have made the right choice?
Su’s parents: We’ve seen how independent and confident Su have become after moving here! Su now know how to manage her own time and take responsibility for the decisions she make in life. Not only is she an SIM Student Ambassador and member of the SIM Regional Marketing Agency, she is even trying out Muay Thai! We love seeing how Su step out of her comfort zone and grow into a fine, young woman who is sociable yet humble and passionate about life. As parents, we couldn’t be prouder!

Su: Any words of advice for other parents who are thinking of sending their child to study in SIM?
Su’s parents: Don’t hesitate. It’s probably the best thing you’ll be doing for their future by helping them fulfil their potential and opening doors to diverse opportunities. These are just some of the benefits of studying abroad!

For us international students and our parents, the decision to study abroad requires taking a huge leap of faith. I’m glad I am pursuing my studies in Asia’s education hub – Singapore as I don’t just get expose to new cultures and picking up new languages, but having the bonus of learning from the international community from all walks of life. If you’d like to hear from other students on what it’s like to study and live in Singapore, check out these videos on the SIM website.

Till the next post, friends!


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