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SIM Celebrates University at Buffalo Graduate’s Academic Excellence & Leadership with Scholarship

There are various ways to reward academic and student club excellence, such as certificates or medals. SIM has chosen to reward students who have shown exemplary grades in their academics or have gone above and beyond in their student clubs with the SIM Global Education Undergraduate Scholarship. Meet Alycia Chee, a Psychology student from the University at Buffalo who has received the SIM Global Education Undergraduate Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Leadership.

Read on to learn more about Alycia’s thoughts on receiving the scholarship and her advice to those planning to apply for it.

  1. What traits of yours do you think helped you attain the SIM Global Education Undergraduate Scholarship?

I believe being dedicated to my goals has helped me attain the scholarship. Before starting university, I listed what I want to achieve, including attaining the scholarship, having a good GPA and taking on a leadership role in a CCA. With that in mind, it was clear what I have to do to get there.

From putting in the extra effort for all my assignments to participating actively in SIM Psychology Society, I eventually became the President of SIM Psychology Society and attained the scholarship. Aside from being dedicated, my leadership qualities in and out of school, and having the foresight of how I want to positively impact the students at SIM have definitely played a part too.

  1. How has the scholarship helped you both in school and after graduating?

Apart from the financial benefit, the scholarship has helped me grow on a personal level. Attaining the scholarship has boosted my confidence in what I do and taught me to grab every opportunity I see. This led me to become a panel speaker for SIM-UB Pre-Enrolment Reception, awarded the Student Leader Helm Award and became the Valedictorian for the graduating class of 2022. With a growth mindset, it has also spurred me to do well at work as a financial consultant where I won an award and begin mentoring others.

The scholarship has taught me to manage my time better as I was juggling school, SIM PsySoc, work and volunteering. More importantly, I have grown to become someone who is committed, reliable, and a better person. As the saying goes, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

  1. What do you think is the importance of the SIM Global Education Undergraduate Scholarship?

The scholarship is not just an achievement, but a form of recognising the important and good qualities of a scholar. It encourages students to do more than just achieve good grades as it focuses on holistic individual development!

  1. What advice do you have for students looking to apply for the scholarship?

Don’t think too much and just go for it!

Fun fact, I applied 3 times before I got it so don’t give up and just try. While writing the essay, it’s good to deeply reflect and think about who you are, what qualities you have and how you can value add to others. I realise writing the essay 3 times has made me discover different things about myself! Depending on which category you are applying for, it’s important to market yourself well and show them why you deserve the scholarship and how you can contribute to SIM. Also, remember to double-check everything before you submit it!

  1. Why do you think students should apply the scholarship?

Applying for the scholarship is a good opportunity to recognise and showcase your own strengths and skills! While money is a big factor, being part of the scholars\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ community allows you to expand your network and learn from others. The scholarship will also help to boost your resume as it is not only a reflection of good results but who you are and the qualities you embody.


If you would like to apply for the SIM Global Education Undergraduate Scholarship, you can check out the page here for more information:

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