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Home Away from Home: Alleviating homesickness with SIM’s Clubs and Communities 

International students face numerous challenges when studying abroad, from cultural adjustments to academic pressures. A crucial element in your well-being and success is the development of a strong sense of belonging. The diverse environment at SIM helps students navigate through homesickness through its diverse clubs and communities for international students to mingle with fellow students from their countries. 

Indonesian Community (InSIM) 

The clubs go beyond mere representation by organizing regular gatherings and events. These activities create a sense of community and camaraderie among students from similar backgrounds, offering them a supportive atmosphere akin to a home away from home through events to bridge cultural gaps through cultural celebrations, festivals, and other activities. 

Additionally, leadership roles within these clubs provide opportunities for personal growth and mentorship. Senior members guide newcomers, ensuring a smooth transition into student life at SIM. Through this mentorship, international students find not only academic assistance but also emotional support, making the adjustment to a new environment more manageable. Let’s take a look at some of these clubs! 

The Myanmar Club (MY-SIM) creates a supportive community for Burmese students, celebrating their unique culture through festivals, service learning, and cultural performances. The Vietnamese Community (SIMVNC) serves as a vibrant platform for Vietnamese students to engage in traditional events, fostering camaraderie and showcasing talents through events like “Sparktacular.” The Chinese National Network (CNN) unites Chinese students at SIM, offering support in welfare, academics, and social integration. There are also similar clubs for Indonesian, Malaysian and Indian students. You can also join SIM International Multicultural Mix to mix with students outside your nationality and participate in fun activities like Chinese Calligraphy, and Japanese/Korean classes! The goal of IMMIX is to promote cultural diversity here at SIM. Members are given opportunities to meet new people, develop leadership skills and forge close friendships. 

International Multicultural Mix (IMMIX) 

For international students, active participation in these clubs is encouraged, recognizing them as valuable opportunities for connection and personal development. Seeking support within these communities is advised, leveraging the network for academic assistance, emotional support, and guidance. SIM provides a range of resources and services to enhance the international student experience, and students are encouraged to explore these offerings for a well-rounded support system. 

SIM’s clubs and communities play a vital role in combating homesickness by offering a sense of belonging, friendship, and support. International students are encouraged to proactively engage with SIM’s vibrant community, embracing the opportunities for connection and support that these clubs provide. Ask our ambassadors or your recruitment consultants about these clubs to know more!  

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