Why You Should Study A Digital Systems Security and Cyber Security Degree!

As we move deeper into a technological future where business and leisure are being spent online, the need for robust cybersecurity has never been more important!

From online hackers to malicious websites, there are a multitude of cybersecurity threats that could steal your identity, obtain critical financial information and sabotage corporate strategic plans.

Cybercrime is posing a clear, present and persistent danger to any organisation, especially companies with a significant digital presence that offer convenience, transactions and information to their customers and users.

As such, organisations require the help and expertise of cybersecurity and digital systems security experts to help ensure their success in the online space. This is an exciting field that consistently evolves, and as a cybersecurity professional, you’ll be in for a future-proof career that will challenge you!

Here’s what you must know about pursuing a career in cybersecurity and digital systems security and this exciting field is perfect for you.

What Is Digital Systems Security And Cyber Security?

Digital systems security and cybersecurity work hand in hand to protect an organization’s digital presence which includes its data, identity and assets.

They are the first and often the last line of defence against digital opportunists that are out to exploit any weakness in your computer and network systems.

These attempts include phishing attacks to obtain financial data and even a denial-of-service attack that could take down an entire website for days or weeks!

Digital systems and cyber security ensure all of a company’s and their customers’ data are secured. That means the infrastructure, data and systems have solid integrity, information is confidential and there is maximum availability at all times.

Any information is only shared with authorized individuals and the services work as intended without minimal downtimes. Of the data at risk, the most critical ones are:

  • Personal identification data (name, email, NRIC)
  • Personal payment data (Credit card & online banking details)
  • Personal health data (drug information, insurance details)

And to accomplish this, digital and cyber security professionals are needed to implement and monitor security policies, protocols and processes that ensure security threats are anticipated and addressed.

Digital systems security and cybersecurity are essential to maintaining a company’s digital edge while securing its most valuable assets which is its customer data and trust.

The Importance Of Both Digital System Security & Cybersecurity

While both digital system security and cybersecurity fulfil the main aim of protecting an organisation’s assets, there is quite a bit of a difference between them that we must appreciate.

When we talk about digital system security, we mainly focus on the protection of your digital data, especially that of your online identity and other important data such as your financial information.

When someone visits a website, gives their email or makes an online purchase using a credit card, there is a risk of hackers or phishing attempts getting to that data. Digital system security is about securing those assets and digital identities from bad actors.

Cyber security is more expansive and covers protecting not just the data, but entire networks, computer systems, servers and other digital components from unauthorized access. Cyber security also covers the technology used in digital security such as firewalls, proxies, machine learning algorithms and vulnerability scanners.

As a graduate of digital systems security, you will join the rapidly growing ranks of professionals dedicated to preventing the digital hacking and theft of vital information.

From programming and software development to data management & security and ethical hacking, you will be equipped with all the knowledge necessary to launch an exciting career that knows no boundaries.

Why Pursue A Career In Digital Systems Security and Cyber Security Degree

Digital system security and cyber security is one career path that will only grow in importance down the road and is here to stay.

With such a high demand for cyber security experts, you will be able to enter a variety of sectors. These can easily include finance, technology, healthcare as well as government agencies.

The skillset enables you to switch between different sectors as cybersecurity threats are universal and your knowledge and expertise will be highly transferable to other sectors.

The career opportunities are diverse and you will be able to easily face and learn from new challenges that will benefit your skillset.

For example, in a high-growth tech firm, you might be involved in ensuring customer data isn’t compromised in any security breach. This could involve setting up new layers of digital security such as database security identification where strict authentication is required.

Your next challenge could be in financial services where sensitive data requires strong encryption protocols and solutions. You might be tasked with evaluating the best solutions for your department or to help develop an in-house solution yourself to secure the bank’s sensitive financial data.

Furthermore, if you would like to transfer to another role within the IT sector, your degree in digital systems security will give you the flexibility to cross into other disciplines such as software development, systems administration and big data analysis.

Career Opportunities in Communication in Digital Systems Security and Cyber Security

Upon graduation, you’ll be able to work in various roles across the globe in both the private and public sector. You will be able to enjoy a dynamic career that could span across varied roles that will develop you further as an IT professional and cyber security expert.

Here are some of the career paths and roles that you can expect to embark on:

  • Security consultant
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Software architect
  • IT auditor
  • Chief Security Officer

If you are looking to build a specialised yet flexible career in IT, pursuing a degree in digital systems security can help open doors for you across a spectrum of exciting industries.

Embark On Your Cyber Security Career With SIM

Keen on taking the next step and start pursuing a dynamic career in digital systems security and cyber security?

At SIM, our Bachelor of Computer Science (Digital Systems Security), awarded by the University of Wollongong, is designed in consultation with employers and industry groups to provide you with the most relevant education in the field.

As the leading private education institution in Singapore, our lecturers demonstrate both professional and academic competence in the industry, ensuring you receive the very best learning experience possible.

It’s time to join an evergreen industry brimming with potential for you to develop a fulfilling career across various exciting roles.

The Bachelor of Computer Science (Digital Systems Security) course is offered by the University of Wollongong, one of Australia’s leading universities renowned for the quality of its research and teaching.

The degree is taught by top academics and professors with industry experience. In 2021, the University has attained a 5-Star rating from the QS World University Rankings for academic excellence.

Learn more about the Bachelor of Computer Science (Digital Systems Security).

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